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Qube Design is more than just an architect service.

Qube Design agency gives you the HIGH QUALITY interior design service for low cost you were always looking for in London. We are a London-based group of architects, interior decorators, designers and thinkers who value the transformative role of ideas and the capacity for architecture to inspire. As all our services can be done fully online we can lower our costs and offer you lover prices for the same quality.

Interior Design

Interior Architecture Design is a combination of the actual planning of a room or a building along with the interior decoration. It is in a sense a complete form of Interior Designing. Interior Architecture Design is what we see everywhere around us in schools, colleges, offices, shopping malls and at home.

The Golden Rule

Having your home professionally designed has never been easier. Residential Interior Designing: Focuses on the interior design of private homes where adequate care has to be taken care about child safety, wiring needs, security systems, space constraints etc.
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Interior Decorators

The area of Interior and Architectural Design offers varied career prospects ranging from residential and retail projects to commercial, entertainment and hospitality design. Courses are designed to attract students with interests in all sectors of 3D design.

Find Solutions

We find solutions for design problems. Part of our process is crafting a vision for the project. Studies reveal that more than 60% of the budget allocated for interior decoration goes on the designing of kitchen and bathroom space.
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RIBA Architects

An Interior Architect is expected to have the feel of a designer, the skillful and coordinated hand of an artist, the imagination of a nature poet, the eye of a professional photographer and the style of a creative fashion designer. And within all this lays a true and passionate artist too.

Royal Institute of British Architects

We are proud to be part of the Royal Institute of British Architects.
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Your home reflects your personal style, so it should suit you well. It tells your story and shares with friends and family who you are. It should be full of life and expression—whether that’s through art on the walls or accessories in different rooms—your home should contain belongings that speak of you.


Having your home professionally designed has never been easier. Our services are affordable, making the entire process about the design and not the cost. We save you money by purchasing straight from the manufacturer and helping you avoid costly mistakes.


is the only design firm you’ll ever work with because we get it right the first time! Our designs and custom projects are truly one-of-a-kind because we take our inspiration from you—the client! We’ll tailor our designs to fit your needs, giving your home the look you’ve always wanted.