Qube Design is the only Interior design and architect services firm you’ll ever work with because we get it right the first time! Our designs and custom projects are truly one-of-a-kind because we take our inspiration from you—the client! Why try designs that don’t reflect your taste or waste money on expensive furnishings you don’t like? We’ll tailor our designs to fit your needs, giving your home the look you’ve always wanted. For people gifted with creativity, art is a natural choice for a profession. Within art, a different and elegant option in today’s hip world is the New Home Interior Design. With more and more people wanting to design their homes with comfort and luxury, interior design is the most sought after profession now.
In this scenario, it is imperative to know the various kinds of courses offered by institutions worldwide in New Home Interior Design. These courses are tailor-made for different kinds of people. This article aims to throw light on the educational options in New Home Interior Design as well as the specializations possible within these courses.

At the entry level, short-term certification programs are offered that give inputs on the fundamentals and allows advising friends and family on their home decoration. These programs cover topics such as design principles; color theories and development; designing with materials such as wood, metal, glass, etc.; presentation of sample boards; quantity surveys; painting patterns, soft furnishings, window treatments, carpets, lighting etc.

Once the certification program is completed, a person can pursue a Diploma program of about three years. This course gets into the details of designing using natural and synthetic material, ancient decoration patterns, the nuances of drawing, coloring and designing, furniture arrangement, construction of interiors and finally also gives knowledge for starting the New Home Interior Design business.

One more year after the Diploma program provides a Bachelor’s Degree in the subject. This is usually provided with due accreditation from various regulatory bodies such as Royal Institute of British Architects, The National Council for Interior Design Qualification (UK), The International Interior Design Association (UK), International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) etc. At the end of the program, the student has a presentation of his own home designs ready.

Apart from these courses, students wanting to carve a niche of their own can look at a host of areas within the interior design line.

  • Commercial Interior Designing: Focuses on the design of public buildings such as restaurants, retail outlets, and entertainment theatres. Even certain areas within these premises can be a professional’s forte.
  • Residential Interior Designing: Focuses on the interior design of private homes where adequate care has to be taken care about child safety, wiring needs, security systems, space constraints etc.
  • Space Planning: Focuses on most economic use of space especially for small space residence.
  • Exhibit Designing: Focuses on arrangement of valuable art objects within museums or large exhibitions where one has to be aware of the safety and preservation methods.
  • Lighting Designing: Focuses on just the lighting aspect of homes depending on the purpose of various rooms to set the respective moods.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Designing: Studies reveal that more than 60% of the budget allocated for interior decoration goes on the designing of kitchen and bathroom space.

The New Home Interior Design career is thus very promising with myriad options and niche areas for the creative and talented.

Interior Architecture Design

In the field of interior designing there are very many terms to know about and distinguish. Among them the most commonly confusing ones are ‘Interior Designing’, ‘Interior Decoration’, ‘Interior Architecture Design’ etc.
Interior Architecture Design is a combination of the actual planning of a room or a building along with the interior decoration. It is in a sense a complete form of Interior Designing. Interior Architecture Design is what we see everywhere around us in schools, colleges, offices, shopping malls and at home. It is the point of realization that everything that seems neatly positioned in these places have a lot of thought and planning into it. When one is able to see and appreciate these thoughts, we see the emergence of an Interior Architecture Designer.
In Interior Architecture Design, one learns furniture design, ergonomics, color and lighting psychology and of course the all-necessary role of computers in architecture as a whole. An Interior Architect is expected to have the feel of a designer, the skillful and coordinated hand of an artist, the imagination of a nature poet, the eye of a professional photographer and the style of a creative fashion designer. And within all this lays a true and passionate artist too.

The area of Interior and Architectural Design offers varied career prospects ranging from residential and retail projects to commercial, entertainment and hospitality design. Courses are designed to attract students with interests in all sectors of 3D design. The courses encourage individual and team activities and try to relate design relates to people’s emotions and perceptions on interior design.

As far as education in Interior Architecture is concerned, many colleges offer various courses with short and long terms. One such course is the Cavendish Professional Diploma in Interior and Architectural Design. The course focuses on domestic/public and commercial situations and the environmental impact of design. Of late, there has been a visible shift in focus of the teaching of Interior Design from surface decoration and fixtures to a better knowledge of the environment, the architecture of interiors and the ability to plan for space and coloring.

The Diploma in Interior Design offers a comprehensive, intensive course of study, and provides students with the technical skills, knowledge and confidence needed for making a lucrative career.

A number of consultants share space in the Interior Architecture Design field who offer their expertise to not only the common customers looking for professionals to spice up their homes but also to the aspiring students and budding professionals who want to become consultants and interior architects themselves some day. The TAART Interior Architecture Design Consultancy is one such body that aims at offering quality service and ample encouragement to new entrants in the field.

For better understanding of the field of architecture many sources are available offering photos and galleries of famous interior designs from the early ages of architecture to the modern day.