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How we reduce reinforcement and save you money

Reducing reinforcement is currently one hot topic, but isn't new to us. We've been doing it for years, leveraging our skills and technology. We've put this short video together to help you understand how we do this.

Price & Myers who are presenting at the UKAA FOOTPRINT Brighton Conference this June, were put in touch with us to see if we could deliver tangible savings to a project recently completed project, being used as a study for investigating solutions for future projects primarily for the purposes of reducing carbon emissions and footprint.

We were delighted to be involved and demonstrated by producing a full service analysis and design with 2D and 3D reinforcement output, a saving of 15% could be achieved to the already detailed and supplied reinforcement. This was applicable to the suspended slabs of this 20+ storey tower with either a 'refined loose bar' or 'refined carpet' solution. The slabs represent a significant percentage of the superstructure frame.

This is possible through our 'round trip' BIM solution where we generate the reinforcement in the model directly from the finite element results of our analysis and design, ensuring reinforcement is optimally placed only where required beyond the basic provision required for shrinkage.


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