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BIM - Integrated Structural Analysis - Our Approach

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

BIM Integrated Stuctural Analysis is the key. Over the three years we've transitioned to 100% of our design projects being prepared on the Autodesk Revit BIM platform, leveraging the SOFiSTiK Revit API for Analytical Model Generation, Analysis and Design.

The 'Analytical Model Generator' (AMG) forms part of this solution. This allows us to accurately replicate the physical model with an analytical counterpart.

With our close relationship with SOFiSTiK (our No.1 choice of analysis and design software for concrete frames) and a continuous loop of testing, feedback, further SOFiSTiK development of the API, the solution has come a long way over these short years (through 2020 to 2024 versions) and we can confidently address all our projects needs with this workflow now and into the future.

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