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Project Focus - Part 1 - Analytical Model Generation (AMG)

Following our previous post that introduced our BIM workflow, we thought we'd share a little more information on how we implement this new workflow into our projects along with the benefits this brings internally and also our Clients. We start here with a Project Focus - Part 1 - Analytical Model Generation (AMG) on one of our latest projects just starting on site and take you through a quick journey.

We've said it already but it's worth reiterating again, that the BIM Integrated Structural Analysis approach is key to this. Modelling the physical to the analytical along with loading application, materials designation and section creation all native within within the Revit BIM platform is a huge benefit over the alternative reliance on cross platform linkage or conversion tools.

Over the last three years we've transitioned to 100% of our design projects being prepared on the Autodesk Revit BIM platform, leveraging the Revit+SOFiSTiK API for Analytical Model Generation, Analysis and Design. If you're a long time user of SOFiSTiK you may not have made this transition from the traditional SOFiPLUS environment yet. If not, you may be missing out!.

The 'Analytical Model Generator' (AMG) by SOFiSTiK AG forms part of this solution early in the process and is essential for developing an efficient analytical model form your physical model. This allows you to accurately replicate the physical model with an analytical counterpart.

Drop us a line if you are interested and want to learn more on this topic.

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